First Look: Katie Cassidy as Black Canary In ‘Arrow’ Season 3

Arrow” fans, you knew this was coming.

When Katie Cassidy was cast as Laurel Lance on “Arrow,” it was inevitable that she would take up the mantle of Black Canary, the Green Arrow’s long-time crime fighting partner and lover. Last season, that character trajectory took a backseat to Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), when she debuted as the Canary.

But earlier this season, Sara was killed off and Laurel is looking to assume her sister’s heroic identity and avenge her. That’s why Laurel has been training with Ted Grant (J.R. Ramirez), a man better known to comic readers as Wildcat.

The CW has released the first images of Cassidy in costume as Black Canary, and its different from the one that Sara Lance wore last season. But there’s still a lot of leather.

Laurel will apparently be making her debut as Black Canary in just a few episodes. According to Entertainment Weekly, Laurel will put on the costume in “Left Behind,” the tenth episode of “Arrow” Season 3. That would put it after the midseason break and into early 2015.

But if that picture isn’t enough for you, here’s another shot of Cassidy in costume.

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