Exclusive Preview | ‘Green Arrow’ # 14

Things haven’t been easy for Green Arrow since the DC Universe Rebirth began a few months ago. Sure, Oliver Queen has Black Canary and John Diggle back in his life, but he’s also been left for dead and stripped of family’s company while maligned in the press. Now, someone is targeting Oliver’s heroic alter ego, and doing a pretty good job of convincing Seattle that its hero has become a dangerous rogue.

Of course, the obvious implication is that this is the work of Tommy Merlyn or his father, and the variant cover by comics legend Neal Adams certainly seems to suggest that as well. If so, Merlyn’s pulled off the trick of his life, as he’s killed the quarterback of the Seattle Hawks and left a stadium full of fans convinced that they just witnessed Oliver commit the murder himself.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Green Arrow # 14, writer Benjamin Percy and the artistic tag team of Eleonora Carlini, Carlos Rodriguez, and Gus Vazquez are only tightening the screws on Oliver. There’s a shoot to kill order out on GA, and Black Canary’s attempt to clear Oliver’s name may have just hit a snag…

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Here’s DC’s solicitation text for the issue.

“EMERALD OUTLAW” part three! Tension in Seattle reaches fever pitch when the media begins to question Green Arrow’s involvement in a series of murders committed by an archer with unmatched skills. If the police can’t catch this mysterious archer, can Green Arrow and Black Canary? Plus, the rogue police officer Ollie humiliated in a viral video returns to take the law into his own hands.

Green Arrow # 14 will be released on Wednesday, January 4 in comic stores everywhere.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by DC Comics.


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