Which College Football Fans Have Endured The Most Suck?

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Mississippi State gained their first No.1 ranking in school history this week after trouncing Auburn at home. After this huge jump in success following years — hell, decades — of lethargy surrounding Starkville, it got me thinking, which FBS (Division-1A for us older folk) schools have sucked the most, overall, spanning the history of college football? Which fans have had to endure decades of heartache, more than anyone else?

I first crossed teams off the list that have won a national championship. (Sorry, fellow Illinois fans. I know we suck hardcore but we do have some titles pre-WWII thanks to the Galloping Ghost!) Even if it’s been decades since the last MAJOR victory, just one national title means you haven’t had to endure what the following fans have gone through.

My next step was a ton of research, scouring the pages of each team’s media guide to find which teams have suffered the worse in the following categories:

  • Best Season Record
  • All-Time Winning Percentage
  • Bowl Record
  • Conference Championships
  • Consensus All-Americans
  • Last Winning Season
  • Last Bowl Win

More weight was given to the teams that have the fewest bowl wins and the length of time since, along with the time since their last winning season.

Keep in mind we live in an era when half the teams in college football are selected for a bowl. You simply win half your games and you’re in.

I also considered less weight for the schools who haven’t always been D-1 or a conference to play in.

Here are my findings, complete with an overall ‘Suck Score’ that is out of 100 possible points. If you’re a fan of one of these teams, may God have mercy on your soul. 

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.

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