The 11 Creepiest Creepy Doll Movies

Annabelle The Conjuring

Masahiro Mori thought he was pretty darned clever when he coined the term “uncanny valley” in 1970, but horror fans knew all about it for years. The theory goes that the more realistic an artificial creation becomes, the more revolting it becomes. Masahiro Mori was referring to robots that look kinda human (but not quite). But if you’ve ever seen a creepy doll – or, more to the point, a creepy doll movie – you’ve probably experienced this phenomenon firsthand.

Creepy dolls are, well, creepy. They look kinda human but their glassy stares and tendency to murder people simply prevent them from ever being “cute.” Horror movies have been playing with this phenomenon for the better part of a century, and they aren’t giving up anytime soon (Annabelle, anyone?). But not all creepy doll movies are created equal. Some of them fall pretty flat, actually. Have you ever seen Demonic Toys? Yeah… you don’t actually have to do that.


Curse of Chucky Creepy Doll Movies

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So for the sake of creepy doll enthusiasts the world over (you know who you are), CraveOnline presents our list of The 11 Creepiest Creepy Doll Movies. Only the most malevolent toys in movie history need apply. How many have you seen?


Slideshow: The 11 Creepiest Creepy Doll Movies

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