Trolling: 8 Reasons Why ‘Training Day’ is a Bad Movie

On Friday, director Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington will reunite for The Equalizer, a film version of the 1985 TV series, and their first collaboration since 2001’s Training Day, a film that netted Washington an Academy Award for Best Actor. Although it could easily be argued that Training Day‘s win was a make-good Oscar by the Academy for failing to award Washington for The Hurricane in 1999, your average viewer can still see that Washington gives an impressive and energetic performance as a L.A.’s single most corrupt cop ever. It’s fond memories of Washington in Training Day that are essentially carrying all the good will The Equalizer currently holds.

And while Training Day is often regarded as something of a modern classic – I have talked to several peers and critics who hold the film in very high regard – I feel it is my critical duty to reveal something that we may not want to face: Training Day, for all its acclaim, is just not a very good movie. Indeed, looking back on it, one might find that it’s really awful. This is not just Trolling. Training Day is downright unpleasant.

It’s time to disabuse some notions.  

Slideshow: 8 Reasons Why ‘Training Day’ is a Bad Movie

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