Ethan Hawke May Appear In The Training Day TV Show

Earlier this week, CBS ordered a pilot episode of Training Day, based upon director Antoine Fuqua’s 2001 film of the same name. It was Fuqua’s idea to bring Training Day to TV, and he’ll be directing the pilot episode and producing the potential series. And if Fuqua has his way, he won’t be the only one to return.

According to Deadline, Ethan Hawke has been offered a chance to reprise his role as Jake Hoyt from the original film. The Training Day TV series flips the races of the movie by following a Caucasian corrupt cop and his African-American rookie partner who maintains his morals. CBS reportedly had two plans to entice Hawke. In the first, Hoyt would be the corrupt cop in this spiritual sequel. For the second option, Hawke would make occasional guest appearances as Hoyt, who will now be the Deputy Chief of Los Angeles.

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Because Hawke’s film career is picking up again, he indicated that he was more interested in appearing on a recurring basis rather than starring in the new series. But if CBS was able to sign Hawke, it would be a major coup for the series.

Denzel Washington’s rogue cop, Alonzo Harris will not be appearing in the Training Day series (for obvious reasons, if you’ve seen the film. But apparently Harris is name-checked in the pilot episode of Training Day, which suggests that the show may deal with some lingering issues from the feature film.

So far, CBS has only ordered a pilot episode for Training Day. Production is expected to begin soon.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.