Watch a Preview Scene From ‘Key & Peele’ Season 4

Key & Peele Season 4 Clip

The last time Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele were holding guns in their hands, it was back in “Fargo” when the duo played a pair of doomed FBI agents.

But next week, Key and Peele are back for the fourth season of their hit sketch comedy series on Comedy Central. And in this preview clip from ‘Key & Peele” Season 4, the duo portray two friends who are stuck in the middle of an alien invasion and creatures from outer space that can appear to be human.

Fortunately, Key and Peele have their own ways of recognizing who is human and who is secretly an alien in their midst. And it’s surprisingly effective!

Key and Peele
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“Key & Peele” Season 4 will premiere on Wednesday, September 24 on Comedy Central.