Exclusive Video | Kitten Around With Key and Peele

Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele have a new movie, Keanu, in which they co-star with the world’s most adorable cat. And sure, the film has violent murders, epic shoot-outs, and George Michael sing-alongs but the real allure here is that cat. You know it. We know it. And Key and Peele know it.

So when we brought a little Keanu cat into our interview with Key and Peele, it only makes sense that the little fella stole that show as well. After the frisky critter crawls all over our host, William Bibbiani, Keegan-Michael Key takes point and whisks the kitten away, where it promptly falls asleep in his arms.

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Sure, we were going to talk about Keanu, but the kitty cat hijacked the conversation completely, so instead here’s Key and Peele and William Bibbiani, kitten around and talking about cat stuff. 

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