Million Dollar Hockey Pool Will Support The Canadian Cancer Society

Hockey fans, get ready for the largest hockey pool prize to ever be offered in Canada – the Million Dollar Hockey Pool will raise funds that will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society and will give a grand prize winner $1 million.

The program is an online hockey pool contest where the aim is to put together a winning streak by selecting a winning team in upcoming professional hockey games. Participants will be asked to pick one team from the selection of games every day, and if the team selected wins, the winning streak continues. If they don’t win, participants will attempt to start a new streak. If someone is able to put together a streak of 45 games they could win $1 million.

A variety of other prizes can also be won throughout the hockey season, including a chance for one lucky person and seven friends to enjoy a game in the Sun Media Box at the Air Canada Centre. The contestant who has the most wins has the opportunity to win a VIP experience touring Fox Studio with sports anchors Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole, and the participant with the most wins in the first segment prize period will have the chance to meet former hockey champion Doug Gilmour. There will also be prizes like signed memorabilia, VIP hockey tickets, and a variety of cash awards.

Visit the Million Dollar Hockey Pool website for more info.

Photo: Million Dollar Hockey Pool


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