Lucas Bryant Of Haven Talks Season 5 And More

Haven - Season 5

Lucas Bryant, who plays cop Nathan Wuornos on the hit Showcase show “Haven” and was born and bred in Ontario, has a varied list of TV and film credits to his name. He’s worked on everything from “Queer as Folk” for Showtime, “M.V.P.” for CBC, and “The Eleventh Hour” for CTV to appearing in the big-screen title “The Vow,” starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. In addition to discussing his acting work, Bryant showed his laid-back funny side when talking about the Canadian stereotypes he’s faced living south of the border in LA with his family.

CraveOnline: What’s in store for Season 5 of “Haven,” which debuts on Thursday, September 18th at 9pm?

Lucas Bryant: We left Season 4 with Nathan throwing Colin Ferguson down a hole, and this was supposed to be a good thing… it is a good thing but it seems to have opened up a can of worms that was unexpected. Now all of the characters are picking up the pieces.

You’re a born and bred Canadian but live in LA… do you make it back to home turf with your family?

We do. My family is still in Elmira, Ontario where I grew up, which is a beautiful part of the world and everyone knows this because they’ve already been there. I also have a lot of friends in Toronto because I lived here for years. These days we’re shooting in Nova Scotia for nine months at a time, and my family was just here for the summer and now they’re back in LA because my daughter is starting school. It’s tricky going back and forth but I go back there as much as possible.

You film in Nova Scotia – had you been before?

I had never been to Nova Scotia before I started shooting “Haven,” and I love it. It’s beautiful and warm and welcoming and it’s really become a part of my life now. I spent half the year there for the past five years. After living in LA [I love that] my daughter has a small-town Canada summer and I’m happy she gets to experience that.

The show is based on a novella by Stephen King – ever met the infamous author?

I have not. No. What’s wrong with the guy (laughs)? There is an open invitation from me and everyone else. We’d love to have him come and do a cameo. That would be amazing.

Any other projects in the pipeline?

Earlier this year before I started “Haven” I was in Finland for two months filming the movie “The Girl King,” which is this really amazing story about Queen Christina in Sweden written by a Canadian. And I’m part Finnish, so to get to shoot in Finland was quite an experience.

When does it come out?

I think it will come out at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Because you’ve worked in film as well, how does it differ from television?

I guess there are advantages to both. Without sounding negative about this lovely thing I get to do now, film ideally lets you explore stories more in-depth with the luxury of having time on the film set. Television needs to be done really quickly. The stuff we do is pretty incredible given our limited resources. As an actor, ideally, film gives you more time to tell the story.

What’s the funniest “Canadian stereotype” you’ve encountered living in the States?

Well it is a really foreign country (Canada) – you have the igloo thing and the nice factor where they’re always expecting us to be nice. (Laughing) I’m going to turn it on its head and try to be a real prick all the time.