10 Movie Franchises We Don’t Want Anymore

Sin City A Dame to Kill For Josh Brolin Dwight

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned this summer, it’s that just because Hollywood wants to make a sequel doesn’t mean audiences actually give a damn. Everything in the entertainment industry seems to want to be a franchise nowadays, turning a motion picture that made money once into a series of events that bring fans – and their money – coming back year after year. But although certain movie franchises seem to be doing just fine and dandy – Transformers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly don’t seem to be losing any steam – other motion pictures are falling by the wayside, hemorrhaging money or simply underperforming despite having what studios seem to believe is a built-in audience.

Case in point, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, a sequel to a cult favorite with many vocal fans who seemed to want a sequel, completely tanked at the box office this weekend, coming in eighth place and making a lot less money than If I Stay, a teen weepie with no audience familiarity. Heck, it even came in behind the second weekend gross of The Expendables 3, another movie franchise everyone assumes is on its way out. Both series feature all-star casts in situations the filmmakers assumed audiences would want to see, full of violence and mania and style. So what the heck happened?

It’s difficult for Hollywood to let go. Sometimes they get so wrapped up in the idea of a franchise that they lose track of just how little people actually to see it continue. Sometimes the fans who actually do want another installment of Ghostbusters or Bill and Ted are just so vocal that they disguise the fact that many audience members don’t really care one way or another. Maybe they’ll see the movie, maybe they won’t, but they’re not exactly clamoring for another Die Hard no matter how much the studio wants to keep their tentpole series alive.

So let’s help Hollywood out. We’ve put together a list of 10 Movie Franchises We Don’t Want Anymore. Maybe we’ll jump back on board if the next sequel is totally awesome, maybe we’ll see another installment if there’s nothing else playing at the multiplex, but these are the movie series we just don’t get excited about anymore. We don’t yearn for them, we don’t salivate at the thought of seeing the protagonist’s adventures continue. If they give up or reboot the series altogether, we won’t give a damn.

Hollywood, you can give it rest now. You don’t need to make any more of these.

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