Inside the Life of Webcam Girls: LittleRedBunny


Webcamming is an often unexplored sub-category of porn, and many only really know of webcam girls through the pop-up ads that appear in their web browsers, detailing how they can chat with “hot, horny girls RIGHT NOW!” 

But for many watching women perform on webcam is preferable to regular ol’ porn, as it provides a level of intimacy that the viewer doesn’t get from watching a video clip of a couple of strangers going at it. In this new series, we’ll be exploring the life of the girls behind these webcams, asking them about what it’s like to bare all on the Internet.

This week we talked to LittleRedBunny, who attracts thousands of viewers to her live shows and has managed to carve out a lucrative full-time career out of being a “cam girl.”

CRAVE ONLINE: What is a regular day like in the life of a “cam girl?”

LittleRedBunny: It’s kind of hard to generalize that as no one works the same way or the same hours. Many only work part-time or on an irregular basis. I might have been one of the first to treat it like a full-time job – even approaching it like a career, despite the fact webcamming can be a short one.

I like to work at night, the time that gets me in the mood. Besides, I am more of a night owl. Right after I wake up is the slowest part of my day. Yeah… It takes me a while to put my brain and body back together. Haha.
My chat room feels like people lounging in a speakeasy, and that’s not really a day thing. Even though web-camming is my “job,” it doesn’t feel like one. So I can’t see myself doing a 9-5 schedule. It’s more like having fun and chatting with friends at a party. I’m the entertainer who gathers everyone together, but who also makes time for intimate one-on-one conversation and/or naughty play. Although I’m very lucky to have polite and wonderful regulars, there are always a few people who are insistent about getting me to do things for free, and it can be very funny.

I try to do the errands during the day, like shopping for the things I need or getting groceries. I catch up on my social media messages and emails before and after my hours online. Like anybody, I also take a while to doll myself up before starting my workday (well, night for me). There’s actually a decent amount of hours I spend offline in preparation for my time online.

I eat lightly before work and snack a bit during. I get really physical online and wouldn’t be able to work on a full stomach, so I normally eat my main meal before I sleep – I know, even though it’s a dietary no-no! But this means I take time to relax a little. I get quite roused by work. At times I’m exhausted and just collapse asleep, but other times I’m still too wired to sleep right away.

How long do you spend on camera every day?

A very short night for me would be 8-hours. My average would be 10-12 hours a night, but there are evenings – especially on weekends – when I might cam for 18-hours straight. Nights are incredibly busy, but I lose a sense of time and space when I am online. There’s always laughter and people coming by, and I get caught up in all the fun.


What do you think the appeal is of webcamming over, say, just watching porn?

It’s 100% different than porn. My approach strives for intimacy, whereas porn is a quick and convenient medium to relieve a sexual urge. The person watching porn is on the outside, witnessing only a sexual situation. With the webcam, it’s interactive, social, and much, much more personal. People seem to have a perception that the interactions are only sexual. While sexuality is the primary element that brings people to these sites, sex quickly becomes a competing reason with intimacy and friendship.

When people come online with the intention of sharing a sexual experience, they know webcamming is interactive and personal. They actually can be as picky as they want. They browse for the body they like and the personality they like, and they meet a real person. I know some girls create a persona to distance themselves from what they do, but not all of them do, and I certainly don’t.

I will act and react accordingly to a private client’s fantasy, and we both feed off each other’s sexual energy in the time we have. Most importantly, webcamming allows for all the foreplay that you often don’t see in porn: the flirtation, the tease, and the charm. And after the “fun” is over, you can just leave and sleep, or we can chat a bit and relax while the climax is slowly calming down. Webcamming is much closer to a real sexual encounter, despite the fact it’s virtual. You can’t actually touch, smell, or taste me, but these elements aren’t in porn either.

Then there’s the whole social aspect. People can have a drink and laugh with me every night, while I dance and sing for them. In my room specifically, there are regular members who socialize amongst themselves. People don’t always want to go out and hang at a bar at night. They’re tired from work and just want to wind down, meet people, and enjoy their night while in the comfort of their house. We all get to know each other, even if it’s in public room and there are tons of people there at the same time. Private chats, however, really breed a closer connection between me and the person, as we hide for the temporary time that we have.

The personal and social dimension of webcamming often trumps the initial sexual reason that brings people to the site. People need to be around people. Even though members may never meet their favorite webcam girls in person, they can find a performer who they can form a strong affinity with. And they can see her nude because even though there is conversation and friendship, there’s also a sexual bond and gratification as well. Isn’t that nice?

Have you ever built up a bond or even a friendship with one of your regular viewers?

Yes, I have developed some strong friendships and many casual friendships throughout my five and half years. People who are very close to me have been following me for up to five years now. I have the luxury and privilege of people coming back to see me regularly. Some open up and share deep parts of themselves with me. The trust slowly builds, and I get to share deep parts of myself too.

What kind of people typically watch you over webcam?

This varies SO MUCH! I have people in their early 20s to people over 50. Some still attend college, some are accomplished professionals, and some are retired. And I see people from all over the world with the hours I do; so all over America, Europe, Australia, etc.

Do you get a lot of sexual pleasure out of webcamming, or is it something you do just because it’s a job? If you weren’t getting paid, do you see it as something you’d be doing in your private sexual life? 

Yes, I do. If not… I wouldn’t have lasted these past five years! Nothing forces me to do this job, and I could easily go out and find other work. I am lucky and happy to have a job that I enjoy so much, and I DO enjoy myself sexually. In my private sexual life, I would say I always had a curiosity about exhibitionism and voyeurism, so the webcam is a great medium for me to enjoy and share this part of myself. Now if I had another full time job, maybe I would have a harder time finding enough hours in my day to do it along with webcamming for my personal enjoyment… but we’ll never know! 


How difficult do you find it to describe what you do to people you know?

This is my little secret bubble. In the same way I don’t talk about my sex life with my friends or family, I don’t share about my private naughty online time with others.

What’s the best part of your job?

I enjoy all the different aspects that I get from webcamming. I entertain, dance, and sing. And this keeps me fit, and I can’t picture myself going to the gym. My creativity and mind are constantly stimulated. I have the privilege to meet people internationally with different cultures and lifestyles. Camming has made me grow a lot as a person and developed my understanding of others, and I will always be grateful for it.

Since people can choose to be as anonymous as they want, and I have the huge privilege to get to know people at a different level, one they often hide in a real life context. There are many things people want to talk about but can’t with friends, family, co-workers, and sometimes even with their life partner. I am so thankful for the trust they have in me for opening up to me this way. People share about their life experiences, sexual fantasies, work, anything. All these conversations contributed to who I am today and how I perceive things in life and regarding other people. I will carry this with me forever, and I’ve grown in a way I wouldn’t have if I did not do this.

I enjoy both the social and sexual pleasure that it brings me, and as I said, it does NOT feel like a job at all. I meet tons of interesting people, and I get to stay in my comfortable apartment. I play the music I like. I do what I want and have the schedule I want as well. I have total autonomy and do not owe anything to anyone anymore, as I don’t have to deal with a boss or co-workers. I can set the limits of what I’m willing to do or not, too. This is a very nice freedom, while it also nourishes me as a person. Can it really get better than that?

And the worst part of your job?

There’s really not much that is bad, since you can set all your limits and decide everything for yourself.  Maybe only one thing that comes to my mind…

As you develop friendships, it’s impossible not to form emotional bonds. These people become a part of your life. You get close to them for months and years. The friendship is growing, when one day, poof! They disappear. I remember one particular person that became a close friend during my first 2-3 years. Eventually I learned he was having health issues. He was seeing me almost every day, then was gone for a few weeks, and he’d come back for a few months. And then, no news at all. Totally disconnected. Thinking about him still feels horrible, since we were so close. Even today, I don’t know if he just decided to cut contact with me, or if he actually passed away. I still get sad thinking about it, even though it’s probably been more than 2 years since I’ve heard from him.


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What kind of requests do you get from your viewers while you’re performing on webcam?

Oh, so many! I get it all! I am quite athletic from my background in ballet and yoga. So, sometimes requests can be for dancing, stripping, showing my muscles, ass shaking, or some old-fashioned foot play. Some like to play dress up and assign me different outfits. On the more sexual level, there’s a whole world of things I get to do with them. The extent of my willingness is written on my profile, but of course there’s always room for naughty ideas that are not written. Some simply request to see me cum or cum with them, and the ways we get there varies tremendously. Eroticism is a vast world, and it spurs a lot of creativity.

Of course, most requests are done in private. In free chat, I talk, dance, and sing all the time; people enjoy watching and request me to do that more. They often ask to see my flexibility, like stretching my body while dancing or doing the splits. I rarely type, but when I do, they love it. They call me their “sex-retary” cause I type super fast without looking at the keyboard, and it’s the only time they ever see me not smiling – apparently I appear very serious when concentrating. I also do a few tricks they seem to never get tired of seeing. One is dancing while my stiletto is hooked under my g-string. Another one is dancing while balancing a full glass on my lower back, my stomach, or on the back of my thigh.

What’s the weirdest request you’ve got?

After camming for some time, it doesn’t take long to realize that what some people think is weird isn’t weird at all. All fetishes fall along the spectrum of sexuality, and I am VERY open-minded. I actually became more open-minded than I already was before working. Some members think they’re the only ones to have a specific fetish, but I know tons of others who share the same kink. I got to discover a variety of things people enjoy sexually, and take huge pleasure from exploring and understanding everyone’s turn-ons. I always get to have as much as pleasure as they do, so life is great!

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