Nine OTHER Great Robin Williams Movies

Robin Williams splash

As has already been iterated in a previous article here in the hallowed pages of CraveOnline, Robin Williams had – at the very least – 15 indispensable films in his varied career. But here’s the extraordinary thing about Robin Williams: he worked at all times, at all levels, churning out great work in obscurities alongside his usual A-list output. Not one to cleave to triple-A productions, or even a specific kind of comedy, Williams worked with whatever material he felt the most comfortable with, often challenging himself in smaller productions, working with interesting directors, and expanding as a performer. His career was so frantic and so diverse, one can breezily populate an entire list consisting of Williams’ other performances; the ones that are very good, but may not be mentioned with the same frequency as, say, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, or One Hour Photo.

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Williams made about 70 films in his career, and many more are worth a mention than have been mentioned to date. Allow me, dear readers, to explore some of Williams’ better performances that you may have not seen, may have forgotten, or which are generally overlooked by critics and fans. Here are nine great Robin Williams performances from his career as an indie star, supporting actor, rising comedian, and ambitious experimenter.

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