Confirmed: New Xbox One Bundle Includes Madden for Free


A “limited-edition” Madden NFL bundle has appeared in Microsoft’s online store, offering both an Xbox One console and a download code for Madden NFL 15 at the standard, Kinect-less cost of $399.99.

In addition to a download of the game, the bundle includes three Pro Packs for use in the game’s Ultimate Team Mode. The listing also contains a quick rundown of what’s new in this year’s edition if you’re a Madden junkie, though the value proposition makes the bundle a relatively easy sell whether you’re pleased with this year’s Madden improvements or not.

Madden NFL 15 has everything true fans need to experience the thrill of pro football. An entirely new broadcast presentation delivers Madden NFL game day like never before with dramatic all-new camera angles, as well as dynamic pregame and halftime features. Madden NFL 15 also brings delivers the most immersive defensive gameplay in franchise history, plus NFL scores, stats, highlights, and built-in fantasy football.

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The bundle’s release date is listed as August 26th, and if you pre-order by 2PM PST on August 22nd you can safely expect the bundle to arrive at your doorstep on launch day. Say what you will about Madden‘s rate of innovation year-after-year, but free is free — I certainly can’t complain about some complimentary gridiron action.