The Top Seven Movie Raccoons

This week, the space-faring comic book adventure comedy Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters to the enthusiasm of Marvel fans the world over. And while early reviews are very positive, and it promises to expand the tone and the range of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most people seem most excited at the prospect of the character of Rocket Raccoon. Rocket, voiced by Bradley Cooper, is an intelligent alien raccoon who carries enormous guns, and rides around on a walking semi-intelligent tree. That description alone should reveal why people are excited. 

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Raccoons in movies are something of a bizarre tradition. Raccoons are typically seen as devious thieves who steal garbage and commit acts of seemingly deliberate vandalism at night. As such, movie raccoons tend to be (although are not always) tricksters and villains. 

Since we at CraveOnline have extensively fevered brains, we have elected to scour cinema history for some of the more notable, more bizarre, premium example of raccoons on film. Here, then, are the seven best:

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