The 5 Biggest Movie Disappointments of Comic-Con 2014

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As our CraveOnline film channel editor stated in his recap of the most exciting announcements from Comic-Con, if you weren’t attending, this year probably seemed headscratchingly lackluster. Why?

First, some studios chose to stay away this year. The biggest benefactor — without even being there — was probably Universal. Universal distributes Legendary Pictures’ films, who indeed held a panel and wowed audiences and news junkies. Legendary probably had the most exciting actual announcements from this year’s Comic-Con: three legendary monsters will appear in the Godzilla sequel and they are crafting an origin story for one of their most popular behemoths, King Kong. Universal was able to receive buckets of goodwill without even having to show any footage from their own (non-Legendary) productions, such Jurassic World (Legendary only has an “associated with” credit on that title).

Second, many that were there took a wait-and-see approach. Warner Brothers surprisingly chose to scale back from last year (where they announced Batman Vs. Superman), and chose to not publicly ramp up their superhero-universe-arms race with Marvel Studios (even though they’re way behind already). Warner Brothers did not announce any new DC Comics-related films on their “untitled” release schedule.

Similarly, Marvel chose to tout what they’d already announced in the past and — despite having a 14-year release plan — not tip their hand about their future. Although possibly upsetting for fans, long-term this could be wise for Marvel as all the other studios are dutifully lifting from their interconnected-stories playbook. And it was bound to be disappointing almost regardless of what they do because they’ve announced so many “mystery” titles. 

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By Monday, so many questions about schedules, casting and costumes remained. For the armchair fan who wasn’t able to attend, what were the most disappointing non-announcements or non-presentations from Comic-Con? Were you chaffed from anything we haven’t mentioned? Please share below!

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