Comic-Con 2014: The Cast of ‘Constantine’

If you have a show based on a comic, San Diego Comic-Con is the place you have to be, and Constantine has a strong presence at the convention. Series stars Matt Ryan, Harold Perrineau, Charles Halford and Angelica Celaya were on hand to talk about their characters and how they fit into the occult-centered series. Also present were executive producer Daniel Cerone and writer David Goyer, who explained which source material they’re mining.

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Based on the Vertigo comic series Hellblazer and the current DC Comics series, the show follows John Constantine, a hard-living, magic-wielding anti-hero who’s hard to like, but even harder to outsmart. He has a dark past he’s pointedly not dealing with as he focuses more on reluctantly saving humanity from a supernatural threat. He’s also got a guardian angel named Manny, an old friend named Chas and a “sensitive” woman named Zed who can call him on his crap.

Constantine premieres October 24 on NBC.


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