Comic-Con 2016 Video | The Cast of NBC’s ‘Powerless’

A superhero universe may look like a fun place to visit, but you probably wouldn’t enjoy living there unless you’re one of the people with actual powers. NBC’s upcoming sitcom, Powerless tackles this idea head on against the backdrop of the entire DC Universe. Instead of following the adventures of heroes and villains, the spotlight falls on the misfits of Retcon Insurance, a company charged with cleaning up after the various superhero battles. 

The series was developed by Ben Queen, and he was at Comic-Con 2016 alongside his collaborator, Michael Patrick Jann and the primary cast of Powerless. Before the Powerless panel, CraveOnline caught up with Queen and Jann for their insight into the show, and whether they can use anyone from DC’s character lineup. We also spoke with cast members Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, and Danny Pudi for a taste of what their characters will be like.

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On this show, Hudgens will portray Emily Locke, an insurance claims adjuster who stands up for the ordinary people of the DC Universe, while Pudi plays her best friend, Teddy. Tudyk gets to play Del Heller, Emily’s boss and the son of Retcon Insurance’s owner. Del is the defacto villain of the series, and he openly admires Lex Luthor and a real world supervillain in the pilot episode.

Also in the cast are Ron Funches as a superhero fanboy named Ron, with Christina Kirk as Jackie, in addition to Kate Micucci and Josh Fadem as Wendy and Marvin Harris, two characters who first appeared in the Super Friends animated series from the ’70s.

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Photo Credit: CraveOnline


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