Watch Adam West’s Unaired Episode of ‘Powerless’

For two generations of TV fans, Adam West was Batman. And even after five decades, West kept his association with the role through numerous reprisals and guest appearances on other DC related series. Last week, West passed away just a short time after finishing his final guest role on NBC’s Powerless. As a tribute to West and his place in DC Comics’ history, the episode has been released on YouTube for a limited time.

While this episode is not the season finale, it does play like it could have wrapped up the entire series. West portrayed Chairman West, an influential member of the Wayne Enterprises company who had very bad news for the employees of Wayne Security. Not even Emily Locke can get her friends out of this problem, but they do see the benefits of working for a very Trump-like President Luthor. Why, if it wasn’t for Luthor’s persistently evil agenda and his stubborn insistence upon killing his enemies, then even that could have been a happy ending.

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Considering that one of the main characters ends this episode with superpowers, then perhaps the series would have gone in a different direction if it hadn’t been canceled. Here’s NBC’s description for this episode.

“Chairman West delivers some unfortunate news to Van and Emily. Meanwhile, Jackie gets a shocking surprise that will change her life.”

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Photo Credit: DC Entertainment