Comic-Con 2014: Jesse L. Martin Loves ‘The Flash’


Law & Order veteran Jesse L. Martin is making his San Diego Comic-Con debut in support of CW’s new series The Flash, and he’s been blown away by what he’s experienced here in SoCal. When he talked to Crave Online, he also dropped some hints about a potential musical episode in the future, which sounds insane until you realize the world this series lives in. What’s more, he’s a fan of steampunk cosplay..

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Martin is playing Detective Joe West, the father of Iris West, which is significant because Iris is a major love interest for Barry Allen in the comic book lore, and that would be all the more complicated by the fact that Joe is also going to be something of a surrogate father figure to Barry in the new series. Also keep in mind that in the books, Iris West’s nephew is one Wallace Rudolph West, who would become Kid Flash, Barry’s sidekick. Will that happen on this show? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

The Flash premieres on October 7, thanks to the CW.


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