Comic-Con 2014: John Wesley Shipp on ‘Flash’ Past and Present


At San Diego Comic-Con, Crave Online got to talk to John Wesley Shipp, who will be playing Henry Allen on CW’s new series The Flash, who just so happens to be the father of the titular hero, aka Barry Allen. What makes him special is that he once played Barry Allen himself, on the short-lived 1990 Flash series, and he tells us all about what it’s like to come back to the scarlet speedster after nearly 25 years.

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Shipp’s Flash only lasted one season, but it seems the creators of the new series loved and respected that effort enough to bring Shipp on board for this one, in a perfect homage to his unique position in the annals of Flash lore. However, he’s sure to stress that there’s a much-needed edge to this series that makes it completely different from his time in the suit, and he assures us that Grant Gustin is very capable of carrying the torch.

The Flash debuts on October 7 on the CW, and the buzz is good.


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