Comic-Con 2014: Producer Greg Berlanti Talks ‘Flash’


The Flash debuts tonight at San Diego Comic-Con, bringing DC Comics’ scarlet speedster to the small screen on the CW. While producer Greg Berlanti already had some success doing the same with Green Arrow (in the appropriately titled Arrow), and now he’s talking to Crave Online about bringing together the people necessary to make this latest series happen… and he’s already talking about a musical episode. That’s usually a late-series stunt gimmick, isn’t it?

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Berlanti is producing the show with his Arrow partner Andrew Kreisberg, and he tells us about getting the right cast and the process of getting the show together. This is said to be the most faithful adaptation of a DC Comics series yet on the small screen, and with Arrow already a big hit, fans are abuzz at the possibilities of what the team will do with an actual super-powered hero. What kind of tone is it going to have if they bring out the sing-alongs right off the bat?

CW will be premiering The Flash on October 7.



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