Comic-Con 2014: Key & Peele on Problems with Writing a Sketch Show

You’ll struggle to find two funnier people attending Comic-Con this year than Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the minds behind the popular sketch comedy Key & Peele. Writing comedy is notoriously difficult, and CraveOnline‘s Erin Darling aimed to find out some of the problems faced by the duo when they’re writing material for their hit show.

Speaking alongside the show’s director Peter Atencio, Key and Peele discuss a particular problem that occurred when they realized that one of their sketches would’ve been better had they have managed to hook in a specific celebrity cameo – the duo kept their lips sealed when it came to the name of the individual, but all should be revealed in the next season of the show.

Check out the interview in the above video, and as always, keep it tuned to CraveOnline for more Comic-Con coverage.