Comic-Con 2014: The Names #1 Preview

One of the books previewed at the Vertigo panel at San Diego Comic-Con was The Names, a new “financial thriller” from Peter Milligan and Leandro Fernandez, and you can get a look at some pages from The Names #1 right here, even though it’s not due out until September.

Here’s the full description of the book, via

New York City. Forty-year-old Kevin Walker is a successful trader. He’s incredibly rich. He has a young, sexy wife and a son he adores. He has everything. Until…

The mysterious man known as the Surgeon walks into Kevin’s office. He takes a seat and tells Kevin to write a suicide note. Trembling but obedient, Kevin does what the Surgeon says. Then, at a word from this well-dressed figure, Kevin jumps out his window and falls fifty stories to his death. Thus begins THE NAMES, an 8-issue miniseries by writer Peter Milligan (HELLBLAZER, SKREEMER) and artist Leandro Fernandez (Wolverine, Punisher: Max). THE NAMES is a dark, contemporary thriller set in the world of Big Money: hedge funds, leveraged buyouts, market raids, flash crashes. High-end finance that can ruin entire economies, run by a cabal of the world’s richest (and sickest) people.

Now, it’s up to Katya Walker – the beautiful and deadly wife of the late Kevin – to take on this hidden power structure and find out who killed her husband, and why. No matter what it takes. No matter who she has to kill.  It’s The Wolf of Wall Street meets Kill Bill. And heaven help the 1%.


Check out these pages from The Names #1.






And the cover of The Names #2




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