Cobra SPX 7800BT Radar Detector Plays Naughty

Meanwhile, I’m an automotive writer who’s done a lot of hours of amateur racing and track driving training to get certified to do my job. So, I have a natural tendency to drive fast with the skills to handle it.

Blend that together, and I end up a driver who loves to push the speed limit even while feeling guilty about it. Thanks to the Cobra SPX 7800BT Radar Detector, I can now fully embrace the guilt without having to write checks to the local constabulary.

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This SPX 7800BT upgrades the common laser or radar detector by marrying with a suite of modern technology — including a full color screen, voice announcements and Bluetooth connectivity to a free Cobra app that adds speedometer data and the ability to use social media to announce speed traps.

Radar, laser and speed cameras come in multiple formats (including K, Ka, Ku, Klux, LSD, ASAP, etc. — though I’m not sure about some of those). The SPX 7800BT detects all of them and announces their intensity and proximity, even offering city and highway settings to prevent excessive beeps getting in the way of whatever death metals is on the radio.

Of course, all of those radar and laser bits and bobs are intended to support the law and protect proper drivers from themselves. I would like to thank all of those officers for their efforts while I blow by them armed with a SPX 7800BT.

The device (that desperately needs a proper name like the Double Bird) retails for $229.95 — or about half of what I had to pay on my last ticket driving from LA to San Francisco. But I digress.


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