Ghostbusters: Watch the 30th Anniversary Re-Release Trailer

Well there’s something you don’t see every day.

This Labor Day, the comedy classic Ghostbusters will be re-released in select theaters across the country, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of a film that technically came out in June. But we’re willing to let that slide because re-releasing Ghostbusters in theaters is a hell of a lot better than remaking it, which we have to imagine would have been “Plan B.”

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Honestly, Hollywood, you should be doing this kind of thing more often. Every year or two we get a re-release of Raiders of the Lost Ark or Top Gun in IMAX, maybe even in 3D (whatever), but can you imagine if there was a fantastic, beloved movie in theaters every weekend? What if you went to the multiplex and saw that you had three options: a new Adam Sandler comedy, a new Young Adult adaptation, or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Would the decision really be that hard? Heck, Hollywood, drop the ticket price a few bucks on the re-release just to sweeten the pot. You’ve already made your profit. Re-release a classic film from your catalogue just to screw with the competition. It used to happen all the time, and it was pretty danged fun.

But we digress. Here’s the new Ghostbusters re-release trailer. Go see it. It’s a great movie.

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