Bravo Announces Exclusive Canadian Premiere of New Medical Drama Rush

Bravo announced a new brazen medical drama “Rush,” a one-hour drama created by Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies”) and starring Tom Ellis (“Miranda”) as Dr. William Rush, an on-call, problem-solving doctor for the Los Angeles elite. With no attachment to a hospital, Rush caters to clients willing to pay a high, cash-only premium for a discrete doctor, able to treat a variety of ailments

In the debut season, Rush, a man with his own set of vices, has no intent to alter the way he lives his life or how he conducts his business. But when an old girlfriend from his past re-emerges along with a conscious that can no longer be ignored, Rush learns that his life and career come with its own set of complications.

In the season premiere, Dr. William Rush spends his typical morning taking a woman to the hospital after a bout with cocaine, followed by discreetly treating the injuries of a steroid-addicted professional baseball player’s girlfriend. After running into an old flame, Rush begins to wonder if it is time to make some life changes, especially after a shocking revelation puts Rush and those closest to him in a life-threatening situation. Just as Rush begins to feel the first flickering of conscience, he finds himself more morally compromised than ever.

“Rush” also stars Larenz Tate (“Rescue Me”) as Dr. Alex Thomas, a prominent physician and Rush’s best friend; Sarah Habel (“Underemployed”) as Eve, Rush’s dedicated assistant who looks out for both the business and Rush himself; and Rick Gonzalez (“Reaper”) as Manny Maquis, a connected associate who considers Rush both a friend and a client.

The 10-episode series premieres Thursday, July 17th at 9pm.


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