VIDEO: Primal Rage 2 Exists — And Here’s Gameplay to Prove It

A quick history lesson for all you young whipper-snappers who wasn't around in the mid-1990s…

There was this super-cool arcade game called Primal Rage, that was essentially bad-ass dudes fighting dinosaurs.  It was a giant hit and, as hits are want to do, spawned talk of a sequel.

Well, the game's maker Atari (yeah, I know!) got to work on Primal Rage 2, but for reasons lost in the sands of time, PR2 never came out and became one of the more mythic "lost games" of the era.

Except apparently, it DID come out…

As reported by Crave gaming site Destructoid, an arcade board featuring a prototype version of long-lost game turned up at Chicagoland's amazing Galloping Ghost Arcade — and it's playable. 

And there's 3 hours of gameplay posted to Twitch to confirm that, yep, it's not only real — but pretty cool as an artifact of its time.

Check out the video above.