VIDEO: The Equalizer: Denzel Unleashed Bald-Headed Rage in First Trailer

Hey, didn't "The Equalizer" used to be an old British guy?

Well, Edward Woodward isn't around anymore — so if anybody's gonna bring back CBS' avenging 80's badass Robert McCall, who better to bring the rage than an appropriately smoldering, but still teed-off Denzel Washington in full-on Training Day mode?

And with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua at the helm, this first trailer for The Equalizer reboot (posted by Crave movie site /Film), seems to have all the key elements of that classic series — a methodically cool former special operations expert, a desperate girl in need of help (hello, Chloe Grace Moretz) and a never-ending stream of snarling junkyard tough guys and a dark, menancing uberboss.

I wonder how this is going to turn out?

You can find out for yourself when The Equalizer hits U.S. theaters September 26.