Max Landis’ Ghostbusters 3 Idea? It’s Awesome!

We really are living in a new world.  The speed of social media can not only debunk a false rumor almost immediately, it can also pump enough positive communal energy into the idea to not only make what wasn’t real at breakfast into a possibility by lunch, but, if enough breaks fall the right way, you might even get a look at some finished product by dinner.

Case in point: Max Landis and his link to the long-gestating Ghostbusters 3 project.

Considering the Chronicle screenwriter’s nearly life-long connection to the GB franchise via dad John, it wasn’t a huge surprise when Hollywood journalist Nikki Finke reported Tuesday that Landis was doing a script polish on the current Ghostbusters 3 idea.

Problem is, it wasn’t true.  Landis almost immediately took to his Twitter handle to debunk the rumor.



But that didn’t mean Landis didn’t have ideas on what Ghostbusters 3 should look like.  So the next day, he was so jazzed about his concept that he had to share his pre-titles sequence…on Twitter, of course.



The tease got so much positive response that Landis came back a few hours later to lay out the rest of his movie.



So, a respected screenwriter essentially threw his fairly cohesive film idea out into the universe…what does it all mean?  Probably not much.  As pointed out by Crave movie site /Film, the script Sony will eventually greenlight for GB3 will probably be some Frankenstein version of takes already written by screenwriters Etan Cohen, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

But there’s something to be said for just having some good ideas.  And with Ghostbusters fans already geeking out on concepts like a Slimer origin, the return of Gozer and bloated Bay-ified international Ghostbuster squads bursting with meta-possibilities, just having those ideas out in the ether could help them find their way into the script that eventually gets filmed.

Either way, nice work, Max…

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