In Case You Missed It: California Chrome Owner Loses His S**T, Apologizes

California Chrome was a horse attempting to win the first triple crown in about 35 years when it took to the track at the Belmont Stakes this past Saturday. When the horse lost the race, the horse’s co-owner, Steve Coburn, gave one of the best live, candid interviews in recent memory, basically by calling all other owners cowards while blowing his lid on live television.

It was fun to watch.

Whether you think he was simply speaking his mind or being an incredibly sore loser is up to you, but Coburn definitely let his opinion be known as to why the entire process for racing towards the triple crown of horse racing is unfair.

If you watch Coburn’s wife closely, you can tell she’s mouthing, “Stop it,” followed by an “I don’t care” from Coburn.

A day later he still vents to a reporter, making comparisons to the disadvantage it would be if he were to play basketball against a kid in a wheelchair. And oh ya, ice cream….

And as of Monday morning, an emotional, public apology from Coburn on Good Morning America to his wife, his trainer, their fans and the team of Tonalist, the winner of the Belmont Stakes.

My favorite part about all of this? That Coburn looks exactly like Wilford Brimley! You know, the Oatmeal man from those commercials you saw as a kid!

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.