New Bollywood Film Has Already Copied Watch Dogs


I thought about getting annoyed by such blatant "influence," but ultimately I just decided to just laugh instead. A new Bollywood film titled 18.11, slated for release on June 13th, has aped Watch Dogs' look and feel to a T, even recreating exact shots from concept art and screens for the game. Though the film's plot is not a direct copy, many of its themes are, including a central focus on hacking.

There's a trailer for 18.11 with some amusing slogans, including the proclamation that the film's protagonist "gets trapped in terrorist web." The terrorism plotline at least seems somewhat separate from the Watch Dogs brand, but that doesn't stop many of the films promotional materials copying Ubisoft's game with shocking accuracy. Check out some examples below.


And the trailer, too.

Yup – this is most definitely for real. Honestly, if the film applies some classic Bollywood traits (abrupt bouts of lively song and dance come to mind), it will probably worth seeing for the laughs and Watch Dogs parallels alone. Check out the original post over at Indian Videogamer for more info, and be sure to take a look at which Bollywood films drew from Uncharted and Assassin's Creed. I'm completely serious.