Marshawn Lynch Just ‘Didn’t Want to Go’ to White House Appearance

President Obama Hosts Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks At The White House

We know this much about Marshawn Lynch — he runs like a beast and he marches to his own drummer.

The Seattle Seahawks running back doesn't like talking to the media and only makes public appearances when he has to.  And the White House apparently does NOT qualify as a need-to-be-there public appearance.

So "Beast Mode" was a conspicuous no-show Wednesday when the rest of his Super Bowl-winning teammates stopped by the Oval Office to shake hands with President Barack Obama.

As pointed out by Crave sports site NESN, players will often skip the ceremonial White House trip for political reasons or if they're haggling with the team over contract conditions.

Not so with Lynch, however.  As his mom Delisa told the Seattle Times, Marshawn "just said he didn't want to go."

So…there you go.

President Obama took Lynch's absence in stride, joking, "I am sorry that Marshawn's not here because I just want to say how much I admire his approach to the press. I wanted to get some tips from him."