VIDEO: Wanna Be in Star Wars Episode VII? You Can Buy Your Way In

Considering how many people would pay nearly any price to say they've been in a Star Wars film, now's their chance to pony up.

In a video shot on the Star Wars: Episode VII set in Abu Dhabi (and posted Wednesday at Crave film site Coming Soon), director J.J. Abrams — and an unusual new friend — introduced the Star Wars: Force for Change campaign, which will land one lucky fan and a friend as extras in the upcoming film.

The Force for Change initiative is being coordinated in conjunction with UNICEF with proceeds going to help fund the organization's children in need efforts all over the world.

But how do you get into the movie?  Well, the more you donate, the better your odds.  For every $10 you kick in, you get one entry in the drawing to be flown to London and whisked to the top-secret Episode VII set at Pinewood Studios.  There, as VIP guests of Abrams, you'll hob-nob with the film's stars and be sent through the hair and makeup departments before you hit the set for your scene in the movie.

Prizes range from limited edition posters and t-shirts up to a J.J. Abrams-signed script or even a private Star Wars: Episode VII screening in your hometown.

Since its all for a good cause, this would probably be as good a time as any to see if throwing crazy amounts of money at a contest like this will pay off.  The contest runs until July 18, so get your checkbooks and give it a shot!