Godzilla 2 is a Go

When you’re putting up Marvel numbers — even when you’re a 60-year-old lizard from Tokyo Bay — you get a sequel.

So after Godzilla posted a $93 million opening weekend (a haul just a smidge below the $95 million open for the year’s biggest film so far, Captain America: The Winter Soldier), it should come as no surprise that Godzilla 2 is definitely happening.

As reported by Deadline and re-reported by Crave film site Cinema Blend, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. honchos confabbed over the weekend and put the wheels in motion for a continuation of director Gareth Edwards’ reimagining of the Godzilla mythos.

No word yet on when we might see Godzilla 2, but it’s pretty clear from the film that Edwards has directions already in mind to take the franchise in future installments.

As pointed out by CB, Warner Bros. doesn’t hold the rights to Godzilla’s classic enemies like Mothra or Rodan, so don’t anticipate a monster reunion, even if Edwards makes his expected return to the directors’ chair.

But considering the skill it took to reinvent Godzilla to both critical and moviegoer raves, we assume they’ve got some new tricks to play when the big guy returns.