Fox Cancels ‘Almost Human’

Almost Human 2

The broadcast networks won’t announce their fall schedules until next month, but there’s already one show on Fox that has no hope of coming back.
Last night, word broke that Fox has canceled “Almost Human” after one season. “Almost Human” featured Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as human and android cops, respectively who solved crimes in the futuristic world created by “Fringe” veteran J. H. Wyman.
The primary reasons that “Almost Human” won’t be back is that it never caught fire in the ratings or captured the imaginations of fans in the way that “Sleepy Hollow” did on the same night in the fall. Fox also made the odd decision to air several “Almost Human” episodes out of order and the series’ ongoing storylines were largely abandoned by the first season finale.
Fox had shown a lot more patience with Wyman’s previous series, “Fringe.” But Fox has already ordered its Batman prequel, “Gotham” to series and two other new dramas, “The Red Band Society” and “Empire” have a strong chance of being picked up for the new season; which means that the Fox executives probably felt the need to clear some space in the schedule and “Almost Human” was expendable to them. 
“Almost Human” does have a small following of fans who are distressed by its cancelation. That’s the nature of television. Sometimes, the shows that you love die before their time. But the good news is that your next favorite show is usually just over the horizon.