Team Hoyt: Most Uplifting Boston Marathon Story Comes To End

118th Boston Marathon

Looking for your daily dose of inspiration? Look no further than Team Hoyt.

Dick and Rick Hoyt — known together as Team Hoyt — have been an inspirational staple at the Boston Marathon for the past 37 years. After nearly four decades, the team ran their last race together during Monday's Marathon.

You can read about their incredible story here, but in short, Dick took up running because his son, Rick (who has cerebral palsy) wanted to enter a race with this father back in 1977. Since then, the two have been inseparable, running more miles together than most of us could ever dream while exponentially touching more lives.

When Rick was born, it was recommended he be put in a home. Doctors said it would be doubtful he would ever be able to communicate. Dick refused, but who could have fathomed their journey would have been this amazing…

Here they are doing the Iron Man:

Here is a piece done several years ago on the two:

And finally, a story out of Boston showing their final race together Monday. The pair's last race was supposed to be last year, but didn't finish due to the bombings. Their 2014 race was dedicated to all those affected by last April's terrorist attack:

Dick, who is 74-years-old, is retiring from racing. Rick may still be involved in future races. Monday's race was their 32nd Boston Marathon together.

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