VIDEO: Titanfall: How to Destroy a Dropship Instantly and Other Cheap Winning Tactics

So, if you find a relatively simple way to exploit a design issue in a game you're laboring to defeat, is it a cheap move to take advantage of that shortcut over and over again — or is all fair to advance in the game?

Your answer to that question will probably color how you respond to Defend the House's "Titanfall Mythbusters" video series, wherein they present some relatively easy ways to further yourself in Titanfall — probably not in accordance with the wishes of Respawn or Electronic Arts.

As also posted to Crave gaming site Destructoid, the first episode shows you a super-clean and efficient way to instantly destroy the dropship on the Overlook map: just heave a Titan right next to it.

Boom.  Done.

Now, we don't necessarily endorse these tactics…because let's face it, they're basically cheats that haven't been patched yet.  But hey, they're there in the game right now — and Titan pilots have a lot to deal with to get through a campaign alive already, so what's one little shortcut or two between friends?




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