PAX EAST 2014: First DLC Pack Announced for Titanfall, Called ‘Expedition’

Need some new content to freshen up Titanfall? Well, Respawn announced its first DLC package during a panel at PAX East 2014, and it looks great.

Titanfall Expedition will include three new maps: Swampland, Runoff, and Wargames. While Swampland and Runoff will be dense with foliage and water, Wargames is built using the texture kit from the tutorial. All three maps vary quite dramatically from the original map selection, offering new experiences for those plunging hours upon hours into the game.

Additionally, free content will arrive around the same time as Expedition which includes new burn cards and game modes. One game mode will be a 2 versus 2 version of Last Titan Standing, giving Titan fanatics a new mode to enjoy.

Expedition will have a price tag of $9.99, and will be delivered to those with Season Passes.


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