7 Funny Videos About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital cryptocurrency that folks online use to buy anything from Reddit Gold to comic books at that one cool store across town to the services of a hitman on the underground internet. All the possible things, assuming your Bitcoins aren’t worthless or have been stolen by the time you finish reading this sentence! Here are 7 funny videos about Bitcoin:


No One Understands Bitcoin (Garlic Jackson)

Bitcoin uses electricity, just like in Weird Science, only not as sexy.


WTF Is Bitcoin?

Mmm… Tesla pizza…


What Nobody Seems To Understand About Bitcoin

There be Bitcoins in them hills!


Bitcoin Master Card “Priceless” Parody

Using your Bitcoins to buy a space ride right before they would’ve gotten stolen by a hacker: Super Priceless


Jake & Amir: Bitcoin

If you don’t change all your money to Bitcoin – oh, uhhhh – you’re a dummy!


Hitler Sells All His Bitcoins

Is there anything Hitler doesn’t get mad about?


Should We Do A Bitcoin Sketch? (Hardly Working)

Want some Dogecoin comedy? We’ve got you covered.


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.


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