Daredevil: Road Warrior #2: Car Chase City


The weekly Infinite Comic business rolls on as Mark Waid continues the tale of Matt Murdock’s madcap move from New York to San Francisco, with an unintended pit stop in Milwaukee that’s quickly spiraling out of control.

As we saw in the first installment of Daredevil: Road Warrior, Matt hates air travel. Well, we all do, even if Louis CK thinks we should all constantly be screaming “Oh my god! Wow!” because we’re sitting in chairs in the sky. In actuality, that’s what you have to focus on to distract yourself from discomfort, stale air, bad smells and crying babies you can’t get away from for four hours. You stare out the window and marvel at clouds and you marvel really hard because if you don’t, all you can think about is second guessing the parenting skills of the people who brought the bratty 4-year-old on the plane or the hygiene habits of the gross lady with the “juicy” sweat pants who decided to treat a flight like a slumber party and didn’t bother to clean herself before getting into an enclosed space with a hundred strangers for hours on end. Matt Murdock, however, doesn’t have the luxury of looking out the window, because Matt Murdock is blind.

Anyway, weather has forced Matt’s plane to land in Wisconsin, and the weird guy with no heartbeat in the back row has got his attention, and now Daredevil has a mystery to solve in Milwaukee about a that weird guy on the run from people trying to capture him. Daredevil: Road Warrior #2 is mostly a car chase, as the weird guy stole a cop car and is on the run from a horde of motorbikers. DD reaches into his bag of tricks to help get the guy out of dodge, finds out the guy’s name is Frank, but then quickly realizes that “Frank” isn’t Frank and is likely not on the up and up, either. Daredevil might’ve picked the wrong horse to back.

I always find the nitty gritty of Matt’s perception of the world fascinating, and Mark Waid does, too. We got a lot of that in the first issue, and this one has a bit of it when he’s on the roof of a speeding police car trying to figure out how to lose their tail, and it winds up involving railyard antics. Peter Krause’s artwork is very solid as well, taking cues from Chris Samnee’s work on the main book without copying it. This weekly Infinite Comic series is worth your time if you can get yourself some digital comic action.

Also worth your time is Deadpool: The Gauntlet, another weekly Infinite series that hits issue #9 this week, from Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Khary Randolph. That one is telling the tale of Wade Wilson and a succubus named Shiklah who are totally into each other. It helps that Shiklah’s been in a coffin for hundreds of years and is betrothed to a jerkwad named Dracula. This issue, Shiklah finds out Dracula is such a jerkwad that he killed her brothers, and now it’s a battle against monsters through New York to protect her from her fate as a bride-to-be. There’s vampire hobos dressed as muppets, incredibly rude cruise ship impositions, death by pantsing, and possibly even a quickie off-panel wedding that we were promised would be a big deal in Deadpool #27!

Then again, we’ve been led to believe all this time that Wade was going to get hitched to Shiklah, but then a mysterious vampire lady with an umbrella obscuring her face shows up to wrangle the vampire hobos, and it brings to mind the big Issue #27 wedding photo and the obscured face of Wade’s bride, so there could be a bridal shell game happening here. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. Deadpool: The Gauntlet has been a fun ride either way, and of course it takes a succubus to find Wade attractive!



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