Report: Browns Tried to Trade for 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh

According to a quite frankly amazing report Friday by Crave’s NESN, the Cleveland Browns tried to give the San Francisco 49ers multiple draft picks in exchange for head coach Jim Harbaugh’s contract.

We’ll let that sink in for a minute. The Browns in a news release did not deny the report, but a source with the Niners did. Sure you try to get the best at every position — but damn! If the Niners even considered this for a minute, we would be stunned … which they must have if the talks were far enough along that draft picks were on the table.

While we try to wrap our heads around what would have been an historic trade, remember that Harbaugh is 36-11-1 in three seasons with the 49ers, with three NFC Championships and a Super Bowl appearance. We bet Niners fans would have thrown the red flag all over this one if it had even come close to being true.

The Browns did eventually hire Mike Pettine to lead the team next season.