Tech Squibs: HP Pocket Playlist Brings Movies with You

This Tech Squib puts a lot of entertainment in your pants. Of course, you don’t have to carry it in your pants by law, but the opening gag doesn’t come off if I don’t mention pants. And your pants shouldn’t come off while using the following device.

The HP Pocket Playlist frees your multimedia streaming device from a reliance on the internet. The device stores up to 32 GB of movies of songs. Using its own wireless network to connect to your laptop, smartphone or tablet. As long as your Pocket Playlist has gone along with you, you’ve taken hours of entertainment for you to enjoy without clogging your hard drive or your tablet’s memory.

I travel a lot on this job, and my laptop, phone and tablet head out with me. The Playlist has allowed me to store items for a while and take them in on long flights without squeezing GBs out of my hard drive. Its network has yet to fail me, so it passes the practicality test here.