Here Is LeBron James’ ‘Dunk Show’

LeBron James put on a 'dunk show' the other day after practice while the Heat were in Phoenix. The video was the talk of the sports world Tuesday, and after watching I see why.

The first two dunks are unlike anything I've ever seen before — and evidently, based on their reactions, neither that of Dwyane Wade and company as well. LeBron is literally one of the strongest basketball players alive — throwing balls off walls and slamming them down like he's playing on a Fisher Price set:

This is the best footage of LeBron dunking you'll likely get considering he can't play these tricks in a game and he's certainly not going to enter the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest. However, leading up to the big contest and the entire All-Star weekend in just a few days, this is perfect timing and we can only hope for more.

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