Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness Moves Into Toronto

Madonna was in Toronto yesterday for the official opening of her first Hard Candy Fitness in Canada – the high-end fitness chain opened its doors for classes late last year.

This is the eighth location for the Hard Candy franchise.

“It is intimidating, it is easy peasy, it is everything, so if you could think of every descriptive word it is all that in a bubble,” Madonna’s personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer said of working out with Madge six times a week in two-hour sessions for the last five years (to the Toronto Sun). “I have to inspire her, keep her mind engaged. She’s done every single workout ever known to man so I’m constantly creating new things. …Her body’s amazing, and she still has the most even body tone, her shape is amazing, her waist, her arms, it’s incredible. She’s made it part of her life. She’s just so consistent that it never changes.”

The new 42,000-square-foot gym and costs $99 a month.

Photo: Madonna/Hard Candy Fitness


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