Exclusive Preview: Earth 2 Annual #2

In the world of Earth 2, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are all known to have died in the fight to turn back Darkseid's invasion force. However, Superman has recently re-emerged as one of Darkseid's minions, and he's terrifying everyone with his rampage. However, a mysterious new Batman also arose, about whom we know nothing other than that he's Batman.

That all changes next week, with Earth 2 Annual #2. Here, we will finally see the origin of this new Batman, and in the preview pages below, you can see there will be some kind of connection to Joe Chill, the man who murdered Bruce Wayne's parents. How will that be different in this parallel world?

Check out this Crave Online exclusive preview of Earth 2 Annual #2, from writer Tom Taylor and artist Robson Rocha.


Earth 2 Annual #2