First Look: New Warriors #1

Speeball, Nova, and Justice are reforming the New Warriors under the pen of Christopher Yost, and he's bringing in some characters from a couple of his previous books – namely, Scarlet Spider and his new oddball teenage prognosticator partner Hummingbird, along with Sun Girl, who's been appearing in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up.

“They’re eight people from different corners of the Marvel Universe, coming together to do the right thing, to be heroes,” says Yost. “They’re not kids, they’re not seasoned heroes for the most part, but they’re idealists. Sometime it’s okay to be a hero for the sake of being a hero; to be with a team because they’re your friends, because it’s fun. Sometimes the world just needs saving.”

As for the roster? Well, there are some new characters in the mix. Yost describes them thusly: "Scarlet Spider is a clone. Justice is a mutant. Haechi an Inhuman. Speedball a super human. Hummingbird a magical demi-god. Nova has alien powers. Water Snake is an Atlantean. Sun Girl is a plain ol' human. They're all weird and exceptional in their own way, but they're all coming together as a team. Eventually."

Check out this first look at New Warriors #1, featuring art from Marcus To and variant covers from J. Scott Campbell, Skottie Young and Chris Samnee.