Aaron Paul May Head for The Dark Tower

file_167877_0_Dark Tower

Stephen King has been writing the saga of The Dark Tower since 1982. In 2011, a long gestating movie plan, which became a TV mini-series plan, led by Ron Howard fell apart. Last September, Howard said he was still working on bringing King's vision to some sort of screen.

Now Crave's ComicBookMovie.com brings us word in a report Tuesday that Aaron Paul has had "a ton" of meetings about playing a key character in The Dark Tower, which is still very much alive.

The man who was Jesse in Breaking Bad said he has been talking about portraying Eddie Dean. Paul goes farther to say three movies are still planned with some sort of television tie-in.

None of this is confirmed, but is all seems pretty legit and should excite fans of the long-running anthology. Stay tuned.