Travel Squibs: Rating America’s Top Five Aquariums


With everything from whale sharks to jellyfish, U.S. aquariums rank amongst the world’s best.

The following isn't necessarily a massive news scoop, but people like looking at fish and other water bound creatures. From a goldfish in a bowl to home tanks to performing dolphin shows, there's something fascinating about peering into a world we can only visit with the help of breathing aides.

So, it's easy to understand the draw of major aquariums — the underwater zoos build to house a menagerie of the world's fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, mammals and other classes of marine life. Those aquariums make great all-purpose tourism attractions. Anyone looking for a way to spend an afternoon seeing unique living things in million dollar surroundings.

My travels have taken me to many major aquariums across the country, and here are American's five best.