Chicago Cubs Unveil First Ever Mascot

The Chicago Cubs announced Thursday that 2014 will be the first season in the 136-year history of the franchise that a cartoon mascot will represent the team.

The mascot, known as Clark the Cub, was announced in response to fan surveys that conveyed the need for a more family-friendly atmosphere at Wrigley field. Clark will make its first public appearance at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s Pediatric Developmental Center a week from Monday.

cubs mascot

It seems that attendance at events such as these will be the primary function for the team’s new furry symbol. In a news release, the Cubs announced that Clark would work together with Cubs Charities’ to promote health and wellness, education and fitness in children.

Although the mascot will also have a variety of duties during games once the 2014 season begins, he won’t be dancing on the dugout or doing any other traditional gags.

"You won’t find this bear shooting T-shirt guns, riding an ATV around the warning track or disrupting fans’ views of the field during the game," the team said in a statement on Monday.

Instead, the bear will mostly be hanging out at Clark’s Clubhouse, a new area at the Friendly Confines where families will be able to visit him at their leisure. He’ll also help kids run around the bases after games.

Reaction to the new mascot has been mixed. Some worry that Clark will become just as big of a punch line as the team has been for the last several years — and the last century in general. Others debate the fact that it doesn’t seem to be wearing any pants.

For my part, I believe the mascot is a good idea in general. Wrigley is a dilapidated stadium without many of the amenities that other fields boast. It’s about time the Cubs did something to at least make the ballpark a little more fan and kid friendly. Honestly, if I were under ten years old, the Cubs getting a mascot would have been the highlight of my winter. Regardless of its lack of a lower uniform.

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Photo Credit: Chicago Cubs